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Animal Control Questions
Animal Control Questions

Please contact

412-466-4746 or


Click on image for Information regarding the Pittsburgh Food Bank located in Duquesne, PA


The City of Duquesne Water Department will be participating in a city wide shut off of deilquent water accounts. The shut off period will start on November 9, 2022 and has the possibility of lasting until December 14, 2022. We will be focusing on accounts that have a past due balance of $300.00 or more. If your account is less than that, it does not exempt your residence from a shut off. The City offers payment plans if they are made through the city water clerk. If you receive a termination notice in the mail, we suggest coming to city hall to either pay your bill or set up a payment plan moving forward. You can pay your bill by cash or check AT CITY HALL or by credit/debit card ONLINE ONLY. 

Utility Providers

Water services, as well as Solid Waste Services (Garbage) are provided to residents by the City of Duquesne. For service and billing questions, please call 412-466-8535.

Water Rates are $9.75 per thousand gallons consumed. (less than 1,000 gallons is $9.75, which is considered the minimum charge)


Solid Waste/Garbage Fee are $20.00 per month. (On Monthly Water Bill)  Recycling is collected every other week.
All bills for City-provided services are billed on a monthly basis.

Pay for your water bill here (link)

Pay for your sewage bill here (link)

Comcast Communications
Comcast provides cable televison service, high-speed internet services and VOIP telephone services to the residents of the City.
Duquesne Light
Duquesne Light is the electricity provider in the City of Duquesne.
Equitable Gas
Equitable Gas Company provides natural gas services to the residents of the City.